How to Set Up A OpenVPN on IOS

Last Update : 2019-12-08 10:16:05

Download the OpenVPN app by searching OpenVPN connect in the AppStore then download and install the app   After installing the OpenVPN app, we need to import OVPN config file to the OpenVPN app, for doing it so just share the downloaded file then share the file with OpenVPN app as the screen below After that press the ADD for importing files to the OpenVPN app as the screen below. After that, we need to Enter the username and password according to the client area for the next step, we accept the OpenVPN app to add a VPN connection to your device by pressing Allow then allow the OpenVPN to enable a VPN connection by pressing yes the green connected shows that we have connected to the OpenVPN    
Published in 2019-12-08 10:16:05