How to Set Up A PPTP on Windows 10

Last Update : 2019-12-08 13:14:26

Search the virtual private networks in the search area of the start in your windows device. then double click on the Change virtual private networks (VPN) to add new vpn connection In the next window click on + add a VPN connection   As you add new connection set the following option as below: connection name : Zebravpn or it can be anything you want to have it as the connection name Server name  or address: type one of the PPTP zebravpn server address which it can be found on the client area Type: we can set it as automatic but if you want to connect PPTP for sure set it to PPTP Type of sign-in info: in this case out authentication system is base on username and password so we have to set it as username and password Username: your username which also can be found in the client area then at the end for saving press the save In the next page, we should click on the connection that we have created so press connect As our connection goes successfully it will be shown as connected as the screen below
Published in 2019-12-07 15:59:24