Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

zebra project is designed to offer solutions for bypassing online censorship primarily in Iran.

With the advent of social media and free online communication, access to information has opened, but this has also revealed new vulnerabilities in how we share and receive information. Internet users in Iran and maney other countries have been previously forced to use virtual private networks (VPN) to circumvent the blocking of certain services and websites. However, with governments monitoring data packets, VPN usage has become increasingly common.

We share a belief that privacy is an integral part of internet freedom, and proceed according to this belief in all aspects of our work.

This service is built with the purpose of ensuring the anonymity and privacy of our users. No activity or metadata logs are stored, and any connection logs that we kept are kept for a maximum of 48 hours.

What we log:
  • Username and Password
  • Email, including all emails that you send to us. (but you have right asked for remove)
  • Date of your the first connection within each account.

Our servers are actively protected against any attempt of covert identification or data gathering.

  • No activity logs is not a recommended policy for those aiming to remain anonymous while using VPN services.
  • You have the right to object at any time for legitimate reasons to the processing of your personal data. Should we process personal data in a way not referred to in this privacy policy we will contact you and give you form the opportunity to object with regard to the processing.
  • We take your privacy extremely seriously to the point we never shared any user data with any authorities.