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Shadowsocks is a lightweight and secure proxy designed to protect your Internet traffic. shadowsocks can be used to bypass firewalls in countries like China, Iran, where advanced censorship is imposed.

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The shadowsocks protocol is a secure, lightweight, SOCKS5 proxy designed to protect your Internet traffic. It can help you get around Internet filters and firewalls, or circumvent your government surveillance.

Proxies have become much more common on the Internet since the emergence of encryption, and some countries now employ sophisticated methods to censor and control their citizens' online activities. Pluggable Transports are encrypted and authenticated connections that plug into Shadowsocks. Shadowsocks gives you a way around this censorship with pluggable transports if you live in these kinds of countries.

Shadowsocks with pluggable transport are highly resistant to censorship and are rarely blocked. Pluggable transports are a mechanism for transparently adding new network transport protocols to Shadowsocks. Pluggable transports are usually networks that you can extend or change to bypass the internet and access content over other channels (e.g., using SOCKS to connect to the Tor network). They can come in many forms, but Tor is one of the most popular.

Some of the most useful yet powerful Pluggable transports well-known by between developers:

obfs4 is a secure transport option that uses the same features as ScrambleSuit, but with a different encryption method which results in a much faster protocol.

Simple-obfs is a simple obfuscating tool, designed as a plugin server of shadowsocks.

V2Ray is a free and open-source tool for obfuscating traffic using shadowsocks.